Humans of Hilgrove: an introduction


Whether delivering care packages to sheltering residents, planning socially-distanced youth activities, or supporting resident action through its Community Hub, The Winch has been a steadfast supporter of Camden communities since its inception in 1972. The Winch aims to place the power back in the hands of local communities and empowers residents to make lasting change and build stronger neighbourhoods.


This summer, The Winch brought together five Hilgrove Estate residents to become Community Organisers. These Community Organisers will lead new projects for community-led change on the Hilgrove Estate. And just like that, Humans of Hilgrove was conceived.


Humans of Hilgrove: Our Aims


The Community Organisers want the arts exhibition to do two important things:


1) Showcase the power of our community


  • We aim to highlight resident’s individual stories, talents and passions.  

  • We aim to celebrate our diversity. Hilgrove residents speak many languages and have various passions, and we look to celebrate all our neighbours.

  • We aim to offer stories that remind us of what we have in common as a community


2) Help us improve Hilgrove Estate for everyone


  • We aim to learn more about resident experiences and opinions directly from those in the community.

  • We aim to facilitate discussions where residents can express what works well in our community so we can amplify those things.

  • We aim to identify and discuss what can be improved to benefit everyone on Hilgrove Estate.