1. Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth Sloughy, and I moved to Hilgrove on the last day of April 1960. Dobson Close was all new. They were still building it, and it was lovely because lots of families with children moved in, and you know how children are like....in no time at all, everybody all knew each other.

What I'd love to see again was that, shortly after I first moved in, we were given access to a flat in the block down the bottom so you could have tea together and get to know your neighbours.

It was lovely because it was all families with children. And you know what children are: they go from one to another. So, in no time at all everybody knew each other. Which was lovely.


There were five little new trees and nothing, no green at all. Gardens were just cut earth. Each of us had one little tree. Put in with hope, I suppose. Now, it’s so beautiful. I have been so fortunate during lockdown with our lovely garden and outlook. I haven’t felt like I’ve been enclosed in glass. I’ve been able to enjoy it.


I don’t know my neighbours now. It’s very sad. If you see them they wave happily, you know? But because of the children, mainly, we knew each other then. And it was nice. It’d be nice to have a place on the estate where people could meet to have tea together. That would be lovely.

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