Hilgrove Creates

The Hilgrove Community Organisers uncovered many artists living on Hilgrove estate who wanted to share their talents with others. In August we launched ‘Hilgrove Creates’ a series of free arts workshops run by local artists living on Hilgrove for the local Camden community. This was an opportunity to support cultural recovery after the pandemic and to celebrate the power of community.

In total we run 18 workshops on painting, sculpting, theatre performance, film-making and script-writing. In total 53 Camden residents took part in the project. Have a look at the making of this project in the video below. 



In our painting workshops led by Hilgrove resident and painter Sarah Woodhams, attendees learnt about abstract painting techniques, textures, colours and composition. Below you will find a few examples of their work. 

Film making


In the film-making workshops led by resident and BIFA-award-winning documentary filmmaker Carol, attendees learnt about camera techniques and storytelling. This culminated in a group film about __about the community coming together for the Swiss Cottage Farmers Market every Wednesday. 

Script Writing

Hilgrove resident and community organiser Sharon ran script-writing workshops, which allowed residents to experiment in a variety of writing styles: from monologues to films, to biographies. Click here to read two extracts from the workshops. 

Theatre Performance

Local theatre director Lou Corben ran four theatre performance workshops, which taught attendees the basics of theatre production, performance, and behind-the-scenes skills, culminating in two performances which you can view below.


Belwo you can watch a Shakespeare soliloquy from "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, performed by Isabella Lopez.

Below you can watch Salina Zaf and Fay Helm perform "Closer to God" by Anna Jordan

Due to licensing, the video is password protected. Please email esther@northcamdenzone to receive the password and view and performance. 


Hilgrove resident Maria Mead taught local children how to turn their household waste into wonderful sculptures in her sculpture workshops, which resulted in two beautiful, sustainable community sculptures. 

Hilgrove Creates Exhibition

If you want to see the films or the artefacts that our local community created, do come to our Hilgrove Creates exhibition, that will be on from 31st September  - 13th October 2021 at Belsize Community Library, Mondays to Wednesdays, 10am - 3pm.

At the exhibition, we will also be exhibiting the photographs taken by members of the Chalcots Estate Photography Club, run by Chalcots resident Gus. You can view some of their work below. 

Thank you to Camden Alive for making this project possible. ​