Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are the Hilgrove Community Action group. This group is made up of

five current residents, called Community Organisers, who want to make

positive change on the estate by organising events and other activities

that bring residents together.


Who is running this project?

North Camden Zone, which is a project of the local charity The Winch. 

The North Camden Zone is a project hosted by The Winch, which works

with estate residents in North Camden to support the development of a

more connected, happier and healthy local community through resident-led

initiatives. In the past, they have worked with England’s Lane temporary

accommodation residents, as well as residents from the Chalcots Estate,

to help enact a vision of a stronger, safer, more connected community.

The Winch is a local charity in Camden that aims to help each

young person succeed, regardless of their circumstances. We offer

a “cradle to career” service for children and young people aged

0-25 and their families, building long-term relationships from an

early age with those often facing huge challenges. These include

housing instability, being a young care-leaver or caregiver, and

dealing with mental health or financial issues. 

Is this project connected to Camden Council? 

While we do work closely with Camden Council, Hilgrove Community Action 

is an independent project and not run through the council. 


Who is funding the project then? 

The Big Lottery Community Fund and Trust for London​

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